Our Story

Chef bae is an agricultural entrepreneurship that pioneers in the cultivation of mushrooms and it’s value added projects. Naturally occurring mushrooms were a versatile element of the indegenious diets. But nowadays mushrooms are scarcely a part of the modern household given its limited availability on commercial spaces. Our team realised the importance of re introducing mushrooms and its many health benefits to the urban lifestyle and reimagining mushrooms as products that are diseriable and practical to the present day life.


Our Vision

In 2014, our founder Mr Lalu Thomas, with the help of KVK, Kollam, started the small scale enterprise for Mushroom cultivation that he visualised as the name brand mushrooms in Kerala.

With our team of experienced business people and mentorship from the Kerala Agricultural University, we are dutiful to bring it to life.


Our Missions

The health benefits of this natural delicacy should not be far from the hands of our home makers and families. With the increased production of mushrooms and wider availability as value added products, Chef bae envisions to provide employment to house wives and others who are unable to pursue active income sources through cultivation of mushrooms.

Sourcing all our raw materials locally, we aim to collaborate with local producers of Diary, Cocoa, Coffee,Coconut etc

Now Make Your Day More Healthier!

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Customers Says

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

“I am so happy with the products that serve by chefbae. The quality of the mushroom was excellent.”

Govind - Thrissur

“The way of processing and cultivation of the mushroom is an excellent model for every farmers who were looking to start mushroom farming ”

T. Y Jayan - KVK Kollam

“I Personally suggest chefbae mushroom coffee powder. It's have rich nutrition value as well it gives the taste same as coffee powder. ”

Sanjay - Thiruvalla

“Chefbae have different varieties of ad-on products made with rich quantity of mushroom with lovely flavour. Mushroom chocolate and mushroom pickle is my favourite in the list.”

Dhanya - Kochi

“One of the best mushroom and mushroom coffee providers in kerala ”

Arif Muhammad Kollam